Art and illustrations by Ali Scothern


Having spent my childhood doodling and painting, it seemed only natural that I would continue this interest once I had left school. After my A levels, I achieved a Diploma in Art and Design but, surrounded by some really talented artists, I convinced myself that I wasn’t one of them. I therefore chose a different path: a degree in French and Spanish, which led to a teaching post. I was still able to be creative in this teaching job, making colourful flash cards and displays in my classroom.

Next came the birth of my two boys, both of whom kept me very busy. However, once they were out of nappies I managed to find the time to attend life drawing classes on a Saturday morning. That was years ago and although the classes stopped running, my passion for art was re-ignited and I haven’t stopped drawing and painting since. After showing my work to close friends and family and being asked to do small commissions, I built up the courage to start selling my work to the general public.

I’m drawn to different subject matters, though return again and again to animals, especially hares! My favourite medium is watercolour but there may be touches of ink, acrylic and collage in my work here and there.

My sons are my biggest critics; if they don’t like my work, I know that I’ve gone wrong somewhere and I start again!

In case you were wondering, the website name was inspired by two important figures in my family – my mum (Rose) and grandfather (Herbert).